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See firsthand how Supra combines performance with precision and design to bring you a boat worthy of your generations-long obsession.

Moomba Wake Boats QLD Australia


As the only brand in its class with the power and performance of premium models, you simply get more with Moomba. 

Now available in QLD Australia...


Direct from the U.S.; see firsthand how Supra & Moomba wake boats combine performance with precision and design to bring you a wake boat worthy of your generations-long obsession. Wake Boats QLD / Techmate are your authorised QLD dealer for new and used wake boats, parts and servicing. View our full range and get in touch today for your demo to experience these amazing wake boats.


Supra and Moomba Boats are now available in QLD Australia. Book a demo today with Dez to see how these amazing machines perform.


There are 10 different Wake Boat models available to fit all budgets. Moomba and Supra Wake Boats cover basic to luxury models.


Wake Boats & Wake Boarding makes for a fun day for the entire family. Supra & Moomba Wake Boats make it easy. 

There's a new boat in town!

Brand new for 2020, the Kaiyen has been designed to grab attention, bring the heat and boost big water all day long. At just 21’ 5” and built with a deep hull, the latest Moomba will be your favorite thing about summer.

Not just a wake boat

Discover the freedom and escape that a wake boat gives you and your family,
you’ll wonder what took you so long!


It’s easy for towboat makers to stake claims across an industry fighting for the same titles. At Supra®, we see things a little differently. Instead of touting our innovations as champion among the noise of every other wake boat brand, we hinge our reputation on a simple concept that can’t be skewed —proof. Everything we believe, everything we build and everything we release to the water adds up to far more than ink on a page. It adds up to the experience. The precision of Supra Boats take wakeboarding to a whole new level.


You didn’t choose the lake life. It grabbed you by the board shorts and took control from an early age. From the moment you roll out of bed to the second you leave the office, everything you do revolves around your time on the water. It’s a work-to-play mentality that keeps your batteries charged. You built your Moomba to ride in and fly behind. To invite the whole crew to climb in and share the experience. Because it’s your life. Being on the water is what you live for. So go on and get after some living.


Dez has worked on all brands of wake boats over the years and has a vast knowledge of the brands he sells. You will be getting the wake boat best for you, not the most expensive!


Every staff member is a qualified Gold Coast boat mechanic and our pick up and delivery service is 2nd to none.


Our after sales support and advice will give you peace of mind and keep your wake boat in top condition.

Supra & Moomba Wake Boats have arrived on the Gold Coast for sales around QLD

Supra & Moomba boats. Simply, we live for the wake.

The Supra brand dates back to 1981 when George Fowler stared the company in Greenback, TN (USA). Mr. Fowler recognized a need for a larger, family ski boat to fit the luxury market and launched the its first wake boat; the Supra Sport.

Supra & Moomba boats are now owned by Skier’s Choice located in Maryville, TN (USA). Skier’s Choice is the fastest growing manufacturer in the inboard segment of the marine industry. In 2005, they climbed to #3 in total unit sales, and are now nipping at the heels of the next largest competitor. 

Superior performance. Reliable daily operation. Season-after-season of enjoyment. Those are the hallmarks of Supra tournament watersport boats. Now more than ever, Supra engineering delivers uncompromised performance, uncompromised luxury, and uncompromised reliability. So when you hit the water, you can ride in confidence, comfort and style, free from everyday worries, free to fly high.

Supra / Moomba build boats for riders who choose to challenge their personal best with each successive run. Simply, we live for the wake. Riders building boats for riders.


  • Always receive 100% quality service from DEZ and his team. Thanks guys

    Steven-Collette Dolan
  • No one better in the business. Great knowledge and expert service.

    Ryan Gee
  • Absolutely amazing could not be any more happy. Dez is a total professional and very friendly and explains everything. Happy to chat and explain things. Would highly highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

    Josh Kyote


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Need your Gold Coast Wake Boat Serviced?

Techmate Wakeboats QLD have mobile boat servicing facilities covering the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Brisbane. We can do on-site services wherever your boat may be, or collect and return your boat fully serviced at your convenience. We service all brands of boat, not just Supra and Moomba, so contact us today to get your boat serviced or repaired.